Laura Consoles a Friend.

Before I started blogging, my good friend Hilary and her super duper diabetic alert dog Raine wrote about some of my adventures with the girl.  I guess you could say they were inspiration to start this whole blog thing!

Laura Consoles a Friend.

As you can see, the little plastic red dog isn’t nearly as interesting or snuggly as I am.  The mom’s friend agreed but was touched that the girl was so thoughtful to have brought it to her so she wouldn’t “explode”.   The mom’s friend loves me a lot.  She gives good snuggles now…..of course, only when the mom or the dad say it’s ok and I’m off my diabetic alert duty.    


So I guess that means we can discard this little red dog.  Yes. There is only room for one dog in this house., right?  Whatever.  It can stay I suppose.  It’s no competition for me.  It doesn’t even do ANYTHING.

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