The Scentinel is out, and I’m all over it!

Well, and the girl and the mom and the dad too.  But I’m the most interesting part.  Seriously.

Anyways, Early Alert Canines puts out a newsletter several times a year with updates on their programs, events, graduates, and dogs in training.  I finally got to be highlighted in the graduate section.  That rocks.  I worked hard for that.  No whatevers please.   I am proud.  I deserve it.

So if you’re interested in reading more about ME and how I’ve made a difference for this crazy family, feel free to check it out.  There is some pretty good info in there about other things too.  But read my section first.   Early Alert Canines Scentinel.

The girl is home from school…..and I smell a high.  Later.  I have work to do.

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