Post dinner alert….to a low! Huh?!?

That’s not supposed to happen. But it did. And I was there to make sure she stayed in range. And I got Cheerios. Look how gentle I am. The original mom and the original girl taught me that.

Here’s the before…where she was dropping….just not to a point where I needed to let the mom know about.   Plus I had a frozen Kong to attend to.  The girl is pretty comfty.  20140210-193223.jpg

First alert: 109 on the meter, which means she was actually below 100.  Which means it was a GREAT alert.  Which means I got cheerios.  20140210-193046.jpg

The girl got a small bowl of ice cream to bring her BG up.  10 minutes in and I was still pawing.  Why?  Because even while eating ice-cream she was still dropping.  Yeah, I rock.  I know.   The mom did the happy dance she was so proud of me.  I like that.  But I like the cheerios better.  Whatever, I am a food obsessed dog.  I’m ok with it.  You should be too.  20140210-193038.jpg

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