I’m a hunting dog.

So says the girl apparently. She told the mom this morning that someone had told her that their Lab was a hunting dog. Well, I think the girl is proud of me and didn’t want to be one upped….so she said I was a hunting dog too! I was like, what??? As if. I don’t like the cold or the wet. I have no desire to hunt at all. I have people who hunt for me. At Costco. Whatever. Don’t judge.

I don’t think they believed her either. Until she said I hunted low and high blood glucoses! Ahhh, now I get it. Then yes. Then I am a hunter! And I will hunt diligently to keep the girl safe. And my reward will be Cheerios. A soft bed. And a warm house. So much better than a dead duck, cold feet and wet fur if you ask me. But then again, I’m Darwin. A much more evolved version of those “regular” black labs.

Off to do some hunting. From the comfort of my bed.

4 thoughts on “I’m a hunting dog.

  1. Darwin, you have such a great attitude. I need to get a good attitude about people telling my owners that I am a cattle dog. Well, I could have been had someone else adopted me, but these people just wanted a watch dog. I’ve heard whispers that i’m not a good watchdog. That’s OK.
    I’m good to Laura, and I’m still glad you arrived to take care of the important issues.
    your adopted sister Abby

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