Happy Valentines Day! The MEat edition.



So the mom is OBSESSED with Valentines Day.  She said it was the best day ever.  Which I find rather odd since she’s really not that lovey dovey…..  But whatever.  I can’t always explain the crazy ideas and behavior of this family.      And come to think of it, my middle name is Valentino.  The girls’ middle name is Valentina.  I think the mom is nuts about this day.  And nuts in general.  But I bet you already knew that.  20140214-064246.jpgAnyways, this morning, the mom and the dad and the girl all had cards for each other.  And they looked pretty awesome.  And the girl asked where my card was.  The mom and the dad looked at each other.  Then looked at me.  Then at each other.  Then back at the girl.  And I knew they had NOTHING for me.   I wasn’t mad, but the girl was!  The girl said to the mom that they had to hurry and make a card for me so I didn’t feel bad.  The mom said she knew something that I would like better than a card!  And OMG was she right….20140214-064257.jpgOMG.  OMG.  OMG.  Seriously.  OMG.  Heart shaped medallions of prime rib!  The mom wasn’t kidding, this was WAY better than a stupid card.  I mean a sweet valentine card.  Anyways, back to the meat hearts.  Like this is seriously the best valentines day ever.   Not quite a steak, but I’ll take it! 

Now I know why the mom loves this day so much.  I wish EVERY day could be Valentines day.   The girl and the mom and the dad can have the cards.  I’ll take the meat.  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!  

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