Happy Valentines Day! The school edition.

So there was a Valentines Day party at the girl’s preschool.  The girl was excited. The mom was excited.  I was whatever.  Especially after my fabulous Valentines Day treat I got earlier!  I knew it could only go downhill after that!  Oh, and don’t worry.  I can’t be whatever about my alerting.

No sooner had we arrived and sat down, did I smell that the girl was having a post breakfast high.  This is pretty “normal” but I still don’t like it.  I wish she was in range ALL the time.    Anyways, since that won’t happen until they find a cure….or a better way to manage type one diabetes, at least I’m here to help.

20140213-183342.jpg I had to alert the mom to the post breakfast high during this crazy song they were singing and running around to.  The girls LOVES to do stuff like that.   Me, not so much.  However I did get the urge to chase some of those kids around….but nope.  I held it together.  I got my cheerios for the alert.  Score.

After all the chaos inside, the whole group of the little ones went out side.  They  got to play postman, and deliver valentines.  So you know that stereotype about dogs not liking postmen……it’s wrong.   At least in my case.  But then again, I’m not normal.  Why should I bother chasing someone who’s doesn’t have any cheerios? Or steak?  I just waited patiently until the girl was done.  Uninterested.  She was back in range by this time, so I wasn’t too involved.  20140213-183421.jpgThe mom had packed the girl’s lunch for the day, thank god.  The girl’s BG was is great shape so I was pretty chilled out.  As the girl was waiting for everyone else’s lunch to be ready, she decided to read me a book.  Well, by read I mean make up stories and turn pages.  But that’s ok.  Usually the stories are about me, and her, and all the adventures we have.  I like them.  Whatever, I know good content when I hear it!  The girl left me in the playroom tethered while she went to go eat.  I took the time to relax and get some sleep.   I had seen some cupcakes and cookies so I knew I would be busy later that day and would need my energy.  Happy Valentines Day everyone.  If you all received even half the love I got today I know you had a great day!20140213-183540.jpg

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