Endo appt.

And we all know what that means!!! Diabetics everywhere. Argh! But no worries. I know the mom and the dad only reward me when I alert on the girl so the other smells of highs and lows I just ignore. Funny how Cheerios changes my motivation. Whatever. If you were me you would be the same way.

So yeah. We got there and I knew the girl was going high after breakfast. Which btw I heard the mom and the dad talk with the doctor about these post meal spikes. They are going to try a bunch of new things to avoid those spikes. Umm. Yeah when that doesn’t work out I will still be here to alert. It’s not that I don’t have faith these things will help, I just know the realities of type one diabetes! They need all the help they can get. Pumps. Meters. Ratios. Square wave. Dual wave. Black dogs. We are all essential.

So yeah. Back to the alert.

Yup. That’s a good alert.

The girl was giving the whatever face here. Whoa! That’s my signature look. Glad she’s learning.

Anyways, high corrected and back to doing what I do second best. Chilling.

Since we all know what I do best is alerting to high and low blood glucose.

PS: The girls A1C was “fabulous”…..words of the doc. Yeah!
And the girl had grown a whole inch in just three months! She’s going to be as big as me soon.

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