Bossing the girl around.

So today the girl said I was bossing her around. Um. No. I am just doing my job little one. There is a difference. Bossy can be annoying and mean. I like to think of myself as persistently caring. Yeah. That’s it.

Anyways, I alerted the mom that the girl was too low after her nap. The girl was obviously out of it and said she was fine. I pawed again. The mom told the girl to check her BG. The girl said no, and that she was fine. The mom said check. The girl said she felt ok. The mom said listen to the dog. The girl said she didn’t like being bossed around by a dog. As if!! Argh! I paw because I care. Whatever. Sometimes one just cannot win.

The girl finally checked her BG and she was 77. The mom had her eat half a glucose tab to avoid the impending low. I rock. I know. Wish the girl remembered that all the time!

Also, if I could say “neener neener neener I told you so” I would have. But I can’t. So I will just go take a nap. Until there is another issue.


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