“They must be training him”.

The next person who points and says “they must be training him” to my family is going to be bitten. Possibly by the mom first, then by me.  She can let me know if it’s worth it.  Yeah.  That sounds like a good plan.

Ugh. I don’t understand why people say such mean things about me? I went to school for 2 years!  I am perfectly well behaved. They see me alerting. What more do I need to do to prove that this is my forever family???  Maybe it’s because the girl doesn’t “look” like she needs me?

I can tell the mom gets frustrated when people look shocked when she explains that I am there to help the girl.  You can just see the people trying to figure it out…..making all kinds of incorrect assumptions.  Some of the dumber ones even say some stuff that’s pretty ridiculous.

“But she doesn’t look sick.”    
“Oh, that’s so sad.”     
“She looks so normal though.”

The mom actually has a pretty good attitude about it.  (which is rare)  She says they are teachable moments.    Whatever.  I would be a lot more obnoxious  if I were the mom.  Some people don’t get the message without a large dose of obnoxious.

The mom did say the other day that next time someone asks if I’m in training she might just say, “Yes, we are training him….to take over the world.”  Now that’s the kind of answer I would give!   Hmm….global domination…..yeah…..that sounds interesting.

Ok.  Back to reality. And alerting.

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