Miss Manners has no clue….

THE Miss Manners was asked a question about checking blood glucose in public.  Her completely uneducated response:

“GENTLE READER: Absent an emergency, medical applications (like bodily functions and grooming) are properly done out of sight — meaning in private or in a restroom — unless they can be done so surreptitiously as to be unrecognizable as such. Miss Manners does not object to a pill taken at dinner, so long as it is not accompanied by a dissertation on your cholesterol.

The technology associated with diabetes is fast approaching this standard, although Miss Manners draws the line at drawing blood. Restrooms exist to provide a proper location for such necessary activities when away from home, and those who use them have no business monitoring the respectable, if sometimes unaesthetic, activities of others.

You may chose to tell children that it is a medical procedure, or ignore them and let their parents do that. Miss Manners would hope that any parents present would also resolve to teach their children to be more discreet with their curiosity.”

OMG.  I would hate to hear what she would say about all the times the girl checks herself in public!   The girl has to check.  Wherever she is.  It doesn’t matter if it’s at home, school, Disneyland, the bus…she’s going to check.  Especially when I alert and tell her to!  It’s what keeps her safe.  And healthy.  And CONFIDENT in her diabetes management.  If the girl felt like she had to hide each time she checked I guarantee she, and other type one diabetics, wouldn’t test as often….which is what leads to all kinds of problems and a lack of good management of blood glucose levels.

So Miss Manners, this picture below is for you.  Blood glucose being taken in public.  At Disneyland. With pride.  For everyone to see.    Whatever, I don’t care if you’re offended.


If you would like to send a note to Miss Manners about this topic…. that would be great.  Miss Manners Comments.  The mom already wrote to her:

“Should I teach my 5 year old type one diabetic daughter to be ashamed of her diabetes and not test in public?  NO.    Educate yourself before you pass judgement and offer “advice”.  And for those type one diabetics who listen to your “advice”, I hope they stay safe.  Yes, your advice could put people in danger.”

I like the mom’s style.  Direct.  To the point.

8 thoughts on “Miss Manners has no clue….

    • Yes. My message to Miss Manners would include some expletives and personal attacks…so I’ll let the mom handle this one for me. I have more important things to do, like alert! Say HI to Fleur for me. Can’t wait to see her business card.

  1. I wrote to Miss Manners as well. Pretty sure she received an earful, and she deserved it. Ignorance must be corrected. My sage wisdom at almost 60 allowed me to tell her about the prejudicial bias directed at my diabetes when I was young. Education is the answer because Diabetes is NOT a curse, NOT to be hidden or ashamed of, and it is against the law to impose bias and/or restrictions. I believe I then I stuck my tongue out.

  2. Good idea. Will do. I’m really enjoying Darwin’s blog…but think your mom told you already. Lv, s

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