Pirate park. Alerrrrrrting.

So we visited the grandma and the grandpa the other day at the coast, and the girl wanted to go to her favorite park.  Pirate park.  Um.  OK.  My thoughts were, let’s go and get this adventure out of the way so I can enjoy the rest of my day.  I had a feeling it was going to be the kind of adventure I don’t care for.20140222-144314.jpg
The grandma and the grandpa do a good job of hanging out with me.  They are chill.  Most of the time.  And I like that.   I should have known better though that the girl and the mom weren’t going to just let me chill.  The girl wants me everywhere she is.  So off I went.  Up the playground equipment.  Following the girl (with the mom holding the leash of course).  It was not fair.  Look at the grandma and the grandpa just chilling.  Now that looks like fun.  Climbing stuff.  Ringing bells.  Lots of kids.  Not so much.  Ugh!  20140222-144322.jpg

The girl has to do EVERYTHING when she’s at the park.  And I mean everything.  She did the teeter totter.  The slides.  The bells.  And the swing.  She wanted me to go on the swing with her.  No thank you!   She’s nuts.  All she kept saying was “higher higher higher”.  If that were me, I would say “lower lower lower get me off!”  

After the swinging she decided she had to go on these spinning things.     UM.  They did not look like much fun to me.  And the mom even said she got on them once and when she tried to get off she fell down.  Now that would be fun to see.    Whatever.  It’s not like I want to see the mom get hurt.  I just want to see her make a fool of herself.  Payback, right?

Anyways, so while the girl was spinning, I could tell there was a blood glucose issue.   So I let the dad know.  20140222-144406.jpgAnd, I was right.  Cheerios for me.  And safety for the girl.  It was a good day at the park. As good as it could be.

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