The real “It’s a small world” boat is just another work interruption to me.

As you might remember, I wasn’t about to get on the little boat at Disneyland. So why would the mom think I would want to get on the grandpas  boat? Yeah. Sometimes she doesn’t get it. Well. Most of the time she doesn’t get it.  Anyways. See. I’m totally ok on the deck. Enjoying the sun. Minding my own business.20140222-144127.jpgBut does the mom leave me alone? Nope.  I went down the gangway.  I had no problems on the dock.  I even when up the stairs to the boat just to humor the mom.  However….I didn’t take my eyes off the dock just in case!   I’m  not getting on the boat. Any boat. Nope.  Never.  Well.  Maybe not. Ugh.  

As a side note, the mom bought me a big yellow life vest the other day. It’s ok. As long as there is no water around. I can wear it. It’s quite dapper. And bright.  I also heard the mom talking to the original girl and original mom last night.  They gave the mom hints on how to get me to cooperate.  “Forward”…..argh.  That will probably work.  But the mom wasn’t supposed to know that!

Anyways, the mom keeps talking about going to some island. That does not sound good. Or  fun.  Or interesting.  Whatever. I better prep myself now to deal with it. The mom likes all these crazy adventures. Well. The girl likes adventures too.  So I guess I don’t have a choice.

Oh. And the reason why I don’t have time for such boating nonsense?  I was alerting! AKA, doing my job.   AKA, let me be!!!  The girl was napping inside and as soon as we went back inside the house with the frustrated mom and the gleeful me, I smelled the girl was in trouble.20140224-074240.jpgHigh BG! Correction of insulin given. The girl goes back in range. And I get a Cheerio (yeah, I know, it’s not much, but I’ll take whatever I can get) and the knowledge that I won the “battle of the boat” that day. Whatever. I’m sure I’ll post pics soon of me on the high seas. Maybe it won’t be that bad. Maybe it will be worse.  I just wish they would let me work in peace. At least some of the time.

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