Dance brings out my best….which unfortunately means the girl is not at her BG best. :/

You see, the girl was at school, and after her nap she was low.  64.  NO bueno.  (I’ve picked up some Spanish from the dad!)  The teachers called the mom and the dad and they said to give her 2 glucose tabs.  I was at home so I couldn’t intervene, but I would have said NOOOO.  That’s too much.  But anyways.  The teachers gave her 2 glucose tabs.  Then when they checked 20 minutes later she was 275.  Whoa!  So other than the girl having to feel cruddy from the massive swing in BG  there’s another problem.   When the teachers bolused the girl for her snack of fresh mango, the pump calculated that she needed a HUGE correction of extra insulin.  Like I have said before, game on Darwin.  Game on.  Whatever, my game’s always on.  

So the mom and I arrived for dance class shortly after the girl had been bolused for the correction and the mango.  The moment I walked in the door I could tell there was a problem. But it took me a while to sort out all the smells.  The lows, the highs, the stinky kids.  All mixed together.  Blech!  Anyways.  The girl’s teachers even said I looked like I was trying to figure it all out.  And I was.  Just before dance, I pawed. The girl was 211 at this point. For a while I chilled. And tried to ignore the craziness around me.  I do a pretty darn good job at that, don’t you think?

But then I smelled the girl was dropping FAST. In just thirty minutes the girl had gone from 211 to 125. Now normally that would not have been a rewardable alert since he was “in range”. (100-200) But the mom knew better. She gave the girl a glucose tab and gave me Cheerios.  Score!

That one glucose tab was not enough. I kept pawing. Aggressively.  And drooled.  Aggressively.  The mom checked the girl again 15 minutes later and she was 62.   Whoa.  62! “Not good” as the grandpa would say. The girl got two glucose tabs.  And I got the biggest handful of cheerios that I’ve ever gotten.

Finally the dance class was over and I had to paw just one more time.  At least while at school.  This time the girl was still out of range but not horrible.  The girl was 80. The mom gave the girl one half a glucose tab. I could then FINALLY relax. And I did. I went to sleep while the girl played with one of her friends.  The mom talked with the girl’s teacher.  About how awesome I am.  I’m glad I make the mom proud.   I’m glad I can help the mom take care of her girl.  My girl.  The girl.

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