St. Patricks Day at preschool.

A happy St. Patricks day to you all. I hope yours is less eventful than mine has been. And with fewer green ribbons tied around your collar.

Off to the school party. Ugh. Leave me home please.


This is why I want to be left at home. This dog doesn’t want to do a jig.
But I can’t be left at home. Because I have to alert to a post breakfast high! I think I should get more than Cheerios for this alert.


This song is wrong. The headband is wrong. Whatever. But the kids love me. They just think I’m one of them. I had to play along. Yes. Sometimes I am agreeable.
Finally. Time to snooze.

Until the carbs from this rainbow hit the girls system. Then game on. Once again. There is no gold at the end of this rainbow. Just high and low blood sugars.


St. Patricks Haiku:
Luck of the Irish?
Darwin has skills, needs no luck.
Luck is for flunkies.

4 thoughts on “St. Patricks Day at preschool.

  1. Darwin, you are such a good sport! (Maybe some corned-beef will, somehow, be dropped on the floor tonight – Leprechauns do work in strange ways…!)

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