I had a visitor!

And her name was Remi! Or Ransom. But no one calls her that because she’s too cute. Maybe I shouldn’t say she’s cute.  We are kinda like coworkers. And I get the sense that’s not approved.  Whatever.  She’s cute.  She kinda looks like me.

I mean, seriously.  Who’s who??  Remi is 2/3rds my size. Yeah. I am a big boy.  And fluffy.  It’s just fluff.  And muscle.20140313-223821.jpg

Anyways, this isn’t just about looks.  Remi is learning how to be a diabetic alert dog and is living with one of EACs awesome volunteers. These people are awesome. Seriously. I lived with them for a while and I learned a lot. And had a lot of fun.  And treats.  Ms. Beth and Mr. Rick are da bomb.  Their kids are pretty cool too.  Even though they aren’t really kids, but yeah.  The whole group rocks.  

So Remi and her temporary EAC family showed up and it was crazy.      Can you tell I don’t get to play with other dogs very often?  We had a great time!  

The mom and the dad decided they wanted to go out for tacos.  Typical. I had to share my space in the SUV.  But that’s ok.  We just took some of the girl’s space.  She didn’t mind.  She liked Remi a lot.  Maybe too much.  If I wasn’t such a self confident dog, I would have been jealous.


I just thought of it as a break. I had no kid laying on me. I could just chill. By myself. So nice.  20140313-224411.jpgEarlier in the day the girl did this to us.  We were just fine napping on our own, but no, the girl HAD to get in the middle.  She thought it would be fun!   Yeah!  Fun!  Like a trip to the vet!  bleh.  No offense Dr. B!20140313-224039.jpg

But don’t worry. Even with all the distractions, I was still on my game. I knew I had to mentor Remi and show her how to stay on the job.  Even with distractions.  Lot’s of distractions.  The girl was running high after what looked like a super delicious meal of something the dad called Tri Tip.  Um.  Yeah.  Did I get rewarded with that?  NOPE.  Cheerios.  Freaking eh.20140313-224517.jpg

The next morning, the girl left me at home while they took Ms. Beth and Mr. Rick to the ranch. Remi went too. I warned her about that crazy place they call the ranch. And don’t worry.  She didn’t actually ride in the back of the truck. She just waited there while the humans went to pick citrus. Better her than me.  That doesn’t look like fun.  


I was happy to be home.  Alone. Sleeping . Building up stamina.  Waiting for the girl to return.  Without Remi.  Game on Darwin. It’s all you now.

I hope I have more visitors.  I’m a social creature and need my human and my dog companionship. Until I don’t. Then they can go away. Whatever. Companionship on my terms.

3 thoughts on “I had a visitor!

  1. Yes, Darwin, that was a good weekend, a good weekend for all of us. You are awesome on your own, and with Remi the awesomeness is doubled!

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