Relay For Life. Bark For Life.

I like to give back. And luckily the mom does too. Today we went to the dog version of Relay For Life…..Bark For Life! It was pretty awesome. Even if I didn’t bark. I got to show off for some people when the girl had a high blood sugar. But anyways, back to the event.

They had a police dog there. OMG. Can I please do that job for just a day? As a demonstration the police dog got to attack a guy in a big coat. Awesome. I’m not saying I need to attack someone but it looks like a great way to get some aggression out.


There was also a therapy dog from Paws 4 Healing at the event. She has been trained to work with people in hospitals and convalescent homes. That’s a pretty cool thing. The therapy dogs handler and the mom talked at length about the fakers out there. And how they are both tired of the growing number of fakers around the area. The therapy dog handler knew all the rules and regulations and even mentioned it to a newspaper photographer who was there. Maybe we can spread the word more so these fakers know how they are hurting legitimate service teams!

Anyways. This therapy dog is the first dog that has made me feel and look small.

I mean. This picture doesn’t do her justice. She was like twice my size. Crazy. She was pretty chill. I like chilled out dogs.


All in all it was a fun event. For a great cause. I know I always talk about type one diabetes but cancer sucks too. Big time.  We all need to help each other out.

Now. Where can I submit my application to be a police dog for the day???? Heck. I’ll even take an hour.

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