Who I am. A poem.

A lot of people helped make me who I am today.
And about that, as expected, I have a lot to say.

My dad and mom, Curt and Bahama,
Who together made me to have no appreciation for drama.

The great people at Guide Dogs for the Blind,
Who, from birth, made me use my body and my mind.

My strict but caring puppy raisers the Thralls,
Who love me always and understand that “duty calls”.

To Megan specifically who took me everywhere,
Who knew I had to get used to all the people who stare.

And to Debbie who put up with my health issues,
Yet still, when the puppy truck came had to get the tissues.

Early Alert Canines‘ awesome team,
Who as a group, taught me to alert better than I could ever dream.

Carol, Mo and Beth who matched me with this crazy girl,
And knew that I would do my best to protect her every curl.

To all my amazing foster families at EAC,
Who on the weekends and evenings selflessly took care of me.

To The Grandpa and the Grandma,
Who love me as though I have not one flaw.

The Mom and the Dad who say I am an amazing live saver,
Who with Cheerios and kind words always encourage my good behavior.

To the Girl herself who keeps me busy all the time,
Not just with BG alerting, but giving me so much love it should be a crime.

All my blog followers and each and every Facebook fan,
Who read my stories and encourage me to do all I can.

To the random people I meet on the street and in the store,
Who after they see me alert have to pick their jaw up off the floor.

To the parents of small kids and people who understand the rules,
That a service dog like me can’t be distracted by the likes of fools.

I am Darwin the DAD and I am who I am because of you,
And I’ll tell you thank you, then “whatever”, but it’s the thank you that is true.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Who I am. A poem.

  1. I know that Grandma cried when she read this. She loves it that you are grateful to the many people who have been in your life and are responsible for your leaving the city to live with our family. I admit that you are doing a really good job. Abby

  2. ; – ) Darwin, you bring love and light wheverver you go. Despite all the “Whatevers” in your life, it is so obvious that you love the Girl with all your life (after all, her life depends on you), you honor and cherish your family(s), you are truly a hesitantly willing participant in their wachy andentures, and you bring smiles and great stories to all the world, expecially your followers. We love you, Darwin!

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