Come walk with me! I dare you.

I mean I DOUBLE DOG dare you.  Which I shouldn’t have to do.  You should just come walk with me because you want to be around me.  Seriously.

Anyways.  Early Alert Canines is having its second annual “2 feet, 4 paws, 1 cause”  walk on May 17th in Pleasanton, Ca  to raise funds to give more dogs like me to more families like mine!   Isn’t that a great idea!?!?!  The mom thought so too so she registered all of us to go walk.    You can register too and join my CREW.  Just follow this link and search “Darwin’s Crew” and join!  I want to win and have the most people on my team.  Even if you can’t walk, you can still join my crew or donate!  Please.

There is even some awesome person who is matching all donations up to $10,000.  So if you give $25, that’s like giving $50.  How cool is it?!?!?!  It’s like charity at half price.  Feel twice as good for the same amount of money.  Yes, I can justify anything, and I’m learning how to do some more marketing from the mom.   So make me feel good and join me!

We’ll have fun.  I promise you.  And if you don’t have fun.  Whatever.  It will be the mom’s fault not mine.



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