A different kind of fortune…my kind of fortune!


The original family and my forever family and I went for Chinese food together in SFO after the EAC fundraising walk. It was a nice place for me to sleep under the table for an hour or so. It was a huge table, enough for ten people! Anyways, the girl decided I needed a fortune cookie. Or rather a fortune, since the mom wouldn’t ever let me actually EAT one of those cookies. I bet they are good. Hmmm…

Anyways, don’t you think this is a good fortune for me? I am trying to make a difference. And even though I say “whatever” a lot, I’m not really whatever. I care. And I hope others care too! Let’s all work together and make this world a better place.

So people!  Don’t be indifferent.  Be different, and make a difference.  🙂

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