A life vest makes me a water dog as much as wearing Gucci makes one ready to be a model. It doesn’t!

Just because you put a life vest on me doesn’t mean I will get in your dumb boat. Period. No more discussion please.  I do like the life vest though.  It’s rather dapper, and it matches the girl’s life vest.  However, please don’t think I’m a matchy matchy dog…..I just like how us matching made the girl so happy.   Yes, I like it when she’s happy.  So let’s change subjects now….from the girl happy to the dog being unhappy at the idea of getting on a boat.

I look interested ONLY because the mom had cheese. Whatever. Don’t judge. Yes. I used her. I had no plan on going on the boat but I played along for cheese.  You would too if you were me.   It was FRESH mozzarella….

And yeah. I walked down the plank again. I know I know. They don’t call it a plank. But I do. Who cares. It feels like a plank to me.

And even with the immense dread and uneasiness I felt, I pawed the mom. The girl’s BG was too high.  And by this time the girl realized I was NOT going to get in the boat….so she started to lose it.  She loves me.  I hate to admit this, but I was flattered.

20140329-160730.jpgMelt down in 3, 2, 1…..


The girl was not happy with me. She kept wailing that things are more fun with me. Duh. Yeah. I know. I am fun.  Plus I can help get her numbers in range.  Go me.  But yea….the video below did kinda make me feel bad.  She really wanted me to come.  I just HATE the water.

She was mad!  And it suppose it isn’t fair, but I’m glad the mom and the dad respect that I don’t want to deal with the boat.

The grandma took me back to the house and I got to chill out while the family went for sushi.  They went in a boat!  So I guess I could call it the “sushi boat”.  LOL.  Ok, it’s Monday.  I’m looking for humor anywhere I can get it ok, folks?  Don’t judge me.

On the way back from lunch the girl had totally forgotten about me. Not really. But at least she was having a good time. And it’s ok if she has a good time without me.  I can tell from the smile that the girl’s BG was in range.  And that makes ME happy.


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