I got conned, the boating edition.

The original mom and the original girl came to visit.  I think they came just to get me on the #*(@()! boat.  Sorry for the harsh word.  I’m feeling a bit conned.  Well, more like very conned.  I am not a boating dog.  I’ve already said that.  They should have listened.

The mom got on the boat and pretended she was having a good time.  And then the original girl left a trail of food down the dock and to the boat.  What am I?  Hansel?  Uh, no.  20140510-104248.jpg

Well, maybe I am Hansel.  Just a bit.  I was hungry, ok?!?20140510-104255.jpg

Very hungry.  20140510-104301.jpg

Not quite sure I’m hungry enough for this.   20140510-104312.jpg

Nope, not going to do it.  20140510-104331.jpg

Dang it.  Maybe I am that hungry.  20140510-104339.jpg

But this boat sounds so weird.  And feels so weird.  Why would you ever want to get me on this darn boat.  I like land! 20140510-104348.jpg

Seriously.  This place doesn’t look that interesting.  I’ll just back out.20140510-104355.jpg

Do’h!  The original mom showed up.   With food.  Darn.  20140510-104407.jpgDon’t judge.  I was hungry.  Ok.  They didn’t win.  I did.


Well, maybe then won a little bit.  But I still got my food.  And that’s the best win ever.  20140510-104435.jpg

I thought the day was done and they would let me be at peace.  Not a freakin’ chance.  UGH!  They decided they wanted to get me on the big boat.  Now I think they were just showing off at how good they are at conning me.    I played along.   They got me in the boat.  20140510-104500.jpg

But I kinda had the last laugh.  I gave them a hard time about getting off the boat.  HA!  That will teach them. 20140510-104510.jpg

Not really.  It won’t teach them.  They kept feeding me on the boat all weekend.  I got used to it.  20140510-104506.jpg

And am now ok with the little boat.  In fact, it’s pretty cool.    Ships ahoy!

One thought on “I got conned, the boating edition.

  1. Darwin, thank you for being a good sport about getting on those boats. You, are, however descended from water dogs, right? Weren’t your ancestors fetching ducks from wetlands? I’m glad you did get on the boats because if you had not I’m afraid the Owners would try to get me to do that My ancestors were dry land dogs, from Australia to be exact. Keep up the good work, my friend.

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