Library meeting.

So the mom had to go to a meeting.   At a library.  And the dad was busy on the farm.  And the grandma wasn’t available.  So the girl got to do what she always wanted to do: go to a meeting with the mom!  Obviously, she didn’t realize that these meetings aren’t really that fun.  Well, maybe she didn’t.  But I did.  I was trying to see if there was any fun in all these books.  Nope.





So the mom sat with us for a bit until the other meeting people showed up.  I took the opportunity to paw her to let her know that the girl was going too high.  I was right!  The girl needed a correction.  I got cheerios.  Yes, I ate in a library.  I’m naughty.  20140402-212031.jpg



Then the mom joined her group at a table a little ways away from ours.  The girl had brought an activity book.  I brought….um…nothing.  I slept.  Until I smelled that the girl’s BG was creeping even higher.  So I pawed the girl.  And good thing.  The girl was getting a bit restless and needed something new to do.  I mean, after all, the mom had been in the meeting for an hour at this point!  And hour in dog time is like 7 hours.  In 5 year old time it’s like 7 hours too!   We’re the same like that.

So anyways. I pawed the girl.  The girl checked her BG by herself.  And then held the meter up for the mom to see.  The mom was so proud that she snapped a picture.   Then she came over and gave the girl another correction.  And gave me cheerios.  By this time the meeting was just about over.  Some of the people commented that the girl was really well behaved.  And that they didn’t know know a “dog” was there!  That’s how I like to be.  Stealthy.   Ninja dog!  20140402-212036.jpgI hope the girl learned her lesson.  No more boring meetings.  Well.  Even a boring meeting with the mom is kinda fun.  Whatever.  It is.


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