Gamification. Been there. Done that. Now give me a Cheerio.

Seriously. The new buzz word out there seems to be  gamification. Making things into a game. Um. Yeah. That’s like totally last year. I’ve been doing that forever. My puppy raisers started me on this. They said, “Darwin, do this”. Darwin does it.  Darwin gets a treat. Gamification. Duh.  Guide Dogs for the Blind…same thing.

Then at Early Alert Canines the games got really intense. Smell a low blood glucose. Get a Cheerio. Then smell a low blood glucose, paw, then get lots of Cheerios!  Or cheese!  Gamification rocks!

These techy people aren’t really that cutting edge.  They just copy what they see is cool.  And works.  Like me.   I guess one could call me the OG-D.  Original Gamification Dog.  HA!

Off to “play” my game.  AKA alert.  The girl doesn’t smell right.  Must.  Alert. The. Mom.  Get. Cheerios.  Score!

2 thoughts on “Gamification. Been there. Done that. Now give me a Cheerio.

  1. Darwin, my friend, I wish my owners had gotten into the gamification thing. Had they done that I would have been better trained. I have fetched hundreds of tossed tennis balls without getting treats! Sure I would get a “good girl” comment and a pat on the head, but very rarely did I get a treat. Because the mom here, the one you know as Grandma, is watching you closely, perhaps she’ll get the message.

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