Pirate park sparkle.

The girl is too much some times.  The sparkle pants just about blinded me.  But good thing my nose was still able to function.  20140330-112105.jpgI could tell the girl was too high.  So I alerted the mom.  Sure enough.  The girl was too high.  It turns out she had an infusion site issue.  So she continued to run high the rest of the afternoon at the park.  I was not happy.  But the girl was having fun.  20140330-112111.jpg

The mom though this was the perfect opportunity to do some training.  Um.  Why you ask?  Well, I do admit sometimes I get lazy.  I just need to be reminded.  So here she had me get into a stay on the playground.  And I stayed.  So I got cheerios.  So it rocked.  20140330-112124.jpg

The girl’s pants were quite a hit at the playground.  It was like she turned the whole place into a disco.  All I needed was Tiesto to start playing and it would have been perfect.  WARNING: if you watch the video below, have your sunglasses on.

Sparkle on folks.  Sparkle on.  And think good thoughts that the girl won’t be able to find me a pair of pants to match hers.  You know she’s thinking about it.

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