Eye check? Check!

So the girl needed to get her eyes checked.  This is something very important for type one diabetics.    Well, I suppose everyone really.  But especially T1Ds!  So the mom made an appointment for the girl at an optometrist.

We got to the doctor’s office early.  Yeah, I know big surprise.  The mom is ALWAYS early.  It’s weird.  Anyways, the girl is good at entertaining herself.  And annoying me.  No, I do not like that leaf.  20140402-211729.jpg

The mom even had the girl help fill out the paperwork for the exam.  I think the girl was trying to copy how the mom looks working.  Focused.  Serious.  Scary.  Intese.  She was actually pretending she was filling it out for me.   20140402-211735.jpg

She kept asking me questions.  Like did I smoke.  Did I drink.  Did I have high blood pressure.  Um.  No, no, and only at certain times.   Like when the girl has high blood glucoses or low blood glucoses that won’t correct easily.  That gives me high blood pressure.  20140402-211742.jpg

Speaking of……..the girl was running too high.  So the mom checked and gave some additional insulin.  The mom gave me a few cheerios.  20140402-211752.jpg

And I got a few moments to relax.  Like I’ve said before, I’ll take it whenever I can get it!  20140402-211747.jpg

The girl was called back to start her exam.  She got to use all these funny machines.  I just watched.  And thought I was pretty darn lucky I didn’t have to use those machines.  20140402-211758.jpg

We walked into the exam room and I was on edge.  There was a picture.  Of one of my brothers or sisters.  In the rain.  AGH  Did the doctor think that all black dogs liked water?  20140402-211809.jpg

Oh well.  The girl seemed happy enough.  20140402-211804.jpg

Until she realized she had to wait.  The girl is about as patient as the mom.  And that is NOT very patient.  20140402-211814.jpg

I on the other hand, chose to use the time wisely and alert that the girl was once again high.  And that was good.  Especially for an eye exam.  They say that sometimes there is blurry vision associated with high blood sugars.  Um.  No bueno for getting ones eyes checked!   Anyways.  So I alerted.  The girl was just out of range, so not too bad.  The girl needed just a bit more insulin for a correction.  20140402-211821.jpg

The appointment went well.  The doctor rocked!  She was very nice to me, and even showed the mom and the girl a picture of her dogs….who were Labradors too.  She has good taste in dogs.  Good.

Anyways, the girl needs glasses for some school work, but the doctor thinks she’ll outgrow that.  But the best news is that everything else in the eye looked super healthy!  Yeah for the girl!  I love her.  20140402-211828.jpg

And she loves me.20140402-211835.jpg

And it looks like she’s starting to take a page out of Darwin’s blog….and napping when possible.  good.  As it should be.  20140402-211839.jpg

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