Disobeying to help the girl.

So the grandma decided to have a sleepover at the girl’s house.  The girl LOVES this.  When the grandma is around, no one else exists.  Including me.  And I’m ok with that.  I need a break from her sometimes….she’s intense.

Anyways, so the grandma and the girl were headed to her bedroom to get ready for bed.  The girl held my collar to lead me back to her room, but I refused.  Flat out refused.  Why?  Because the girl was too low to go to bed without extra carbs.  That’s why.

The mom could tell I wasn’t acting like myself so she checked the girl’s BG.  Sure enough, sub 100, she needed a juice box before bed.  Sometimes my alerts are stealthy.  And as long as the mom or the dad are paying attention, they work.  Whatever.  I know I should be more aggressive with the pawing, but subtly is underrated.  The job got done either way!

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