Park time alerting time.

So it was a beautiful day.  So what better thing to do?  Go to the park.  Or at least so says the mom and the girl.  Me, I’m good at home.  But whatever.  I’ll go where they go.  20140406-155903.jpgThe girl likes to do everything at the park!  She started with the swings.  The mom went to push the girl on the swing, and told me to get in a sit, then down position.  I wouldn’t do it all the way.  The mom said I probably had an issue with the mulch on the ground.  She even had the audacity to say that I am used to city playgrounds that have that nice squishy stuff on the ground.  Um….that’s kinda rude.  20140406-155911.jpgI didn’t get into a down position because the girl was going low.  And I had to tell the mom somehow!  She wasn’t close enough to have me paw her, so I had to disobey to let her know there was a problem.  She finally got the hint, and sure enough, by that time, the girl was 72.   If she had taken the cues earlier, she wouldn’t have gone that low!  Whatever. The mom is kinda slow sometimes.  20140406-155915.jpgSo the mom gave the girl a glucose tab to get her back in range, and then it was time for lunch.  PB&J!  The girl loves those.  I think I would love them too. But do I get one?  No.  Ugh.  20140406-155923.jpgSo the girl’s BG had come back in range after the glucose tab, so the mom bolused her for the PB&J.  Big mistake.  The girl was still on the downward trend.  But I was watching.  I never let the girl out of my site.  Or smell.  20140406-155927.jpgThe playground has a play house.  So the girl told the mom that we had to go inside the play house.  Um.  I know the mom is too old for this, and I’m too dignified.  But we went anyways.   Once inside I could tell the girl was dropping too fast.  20140406-155935.jpgI needed to tell the mom there was an issue.   Notice I use the paw and the stare.  Together, they work really well.  20140406-155950.jpgThe girl was walking around the play house like nothing was going on.  Um.  Wrong.  She was 74.  After her PB&J.  No bueno.  Especially for being at the park and playing.  Which tends to drop her even more.  So the mom had to give her a glucose tab.  And the mom turned off the basal insulin the girl was getting.  To try to prevent more lows.   20140406-155957.jpgI have mixed feelings about this testing kit being out.  Yes, it  means I will most likely get some cheerios. And I like that.  But it also means that the girl might be having a blood glucose issue.  And I don’t like that.  But I do admire the organization of the bag.  Nice, huh?  The mom is a bit anal retentive…..20140406-155944.jpgAnyways.  We ended up leaving the park shortly after the last alert I gave.  The girl was tuckered out.  I was tuckered out.  The mom was on edge because the girl was still running too low.  The girl needs juice and extra snuggles when she is running low.  The mom has the juice, I have the snuggles. 20140406-160005.jpgSo we got home, the girl’s BG came back into range, and we got to nap together.  Park time is fun time, but nap time is better.  20140406-160021.jpg

Oh, and how rude is this?  The mom took a video of me and the girl sleeping.  She says I snore a lot.  I say it’s the girl.  Well.  Maybe it’s both of us.  

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