Inappropriate use of a steak!


The girl got her infusion site changed today. And also had a continuous glucose sensor put in. Those sensors look scary so the mom always numbs her belly a bit. After a shower, the mom asked the girl to get the ice pack to get her numb. The girl showed up with a ribeye! Argh! She just likes to torture me.  So she can use STEAK to numb her belly, but I can’t have one?!?!  So not fair.

Anyways. The steak worked. The girl didn’t even flinch when the 9mm needle went into her belly! She’s a tough cookie.  I mean, look at the smile.  She thought it was great fun.

And I haven’t given up all hope for the steak. The girl said since the steak was out already, that perhaps the dad could grill it for dinner. Um. Yes! And I’ll be there with bells on. Whatever. Even with bells I know I won’t get steak.  Such is the life of a service dog.  It’s good, even without a steak.  But it would better with one!

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