Finally. A good song by the girl.

Darwin’s ARE better than humans.   And I do think the girl’s version is better than the original.

I think the alerting really added to our version.  Too bad she was high post meal and needed an alert.  But that’s ok. I was there to help out.  Just proving how awesome I am.

Now I wonder when the girl will get tired of the whole Frozen soundtrack? Yeah, I know.  Whatever. She won’t. And there will be more songs. And they will have the words changed to be about me. And that’s ok.

Do you want to alert like Darwin…..Come on let’s go and heel…….  (Do you want to build a snowman)

Cheer-e-o……. cheer-e-o……… can’t hold me back anymore…… (Let it go)

I’ll share when these happen.

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