The girl went to Mexico and all she got me was…….

Yes. She was very proud of herself.

I on the other hand, attempted to shield my face in shame.

The family went to Mexico for vacation. And since they know I do not like water or boats….and they were going to spend the week swimming and fishing…..they arranged to have me stay at one of my favorite homes!

I got a week of “rest” to prepare me for the sombrero! And the return of the girl. The week with Beth of EAC wasn’t really restful but it was fun. Like my own little vacation.  More on that later.

I know the mom and the dad and the girl are happy to be home with me.  They keep talking about how they had more highs and more lows in that one week than they have been having in a month when I’m around.  OOH, job security.  Maybe I’ll get a raise?  Or a steak?  Yeah, I know, I’m dreaming.

But anyway, now I’m happy the girl is home. Even with the sombrero. Don’t tell her. Or the mom. Or the dad. But I missed them. Whatever. Ole’

PS: I know the mom caught a big Marlin while there….and I could smell they had smoked fish in their suit case when they returned.  They could have shared that with me….but nope.  I bet smoked Marlin tastes good.

PPS: Happy Cinco de Mayo.

3 thoughts on “The girl went to Mexico and all she got me was…….

  1. Oh Darwin, I can see how delighted you are in your sombrero!! Maybe you can get mom and dad to find smoked fish flavored cheerios??!! hhmmm….that may not be as tasty…yikes!

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