Flash back to the 80’s. Blood glucose that is.

This afternoon was rough! Well. The whole weeks worth of afternoons have been rough. The girl has something out of whack with either her basal rate of insulin, her bolus ratio for insulin, or we have some mislabeled yogurt she’s having as a snack! In any case, the BG was not happy and that means neither was I.  And we all know the girl wasn’t happy with lows!

The girl got home from school today and I could smell there was an issue brewing. She had some of that yogurt for a snack and that seems to be making her drop fast. And sure enough, I pawed the dad. And the girl was 85 And dropping. Glucose tab for her. Cheerios for me. Same old same old.

About 20 minutes later I pawed the mom. Right again. She was 88 this time. Another glucose tab.

The grandma and the grandpa showed up for dinner. The grandpa is always good at paying attention to me so I pawed him. The grandma and the girl were way back in her bedroom but I could still smell the low. The girl came out and checked her BG. 82! Man. Another glucose tab and a grahm cracker. I got more Cheerios.

I could tell the glucose tab and cracker were not enough though so I pawed the grandpa again. Like just five minutes later. The mom gave me her look. The look that says she doesn’t think I know what’s up. Well. I do. The girl was still 82! Even after all those carbs! I rock. In fact. That alert impressed the mom so much I got cheese. Because I was persistent. And was making sure the girl was ok. So cheese! Yeah!!! And the girl got some juice.

About 15 minutes later I had to alert again! OMG. This kid is wearing me out. But I gotta keep her safe. So again. I pawed the grandpa. And again the girl was in the 80s! Argh! But it was dinner time. So the girl got to eat without getting bolused for a bit. I got a small piece of cheese (booo for it being small) and some Cheerios.  And then I slept for a bit. The girl ate dinner and her BG was good. Finally!

But then they finished dinner. And I could tell that the mom and the dad had bolused the girl a bit too late. And the insulin was late to the party. And when the insulin is late to the party it’s gonna be a rough one! For me. And the girl. And the mom and the dad.  But anyways, I pawed the mom and sure enough now the girl was 201.  Just above the threshold I have been trained to alert on.  The girl didn’t need any correction of insulin at this point, but my alert let the mom and the dad know to be on the look out.

So I’m pretty proud of myself.  I kept the girl about 80 for a long time.  And if the girl was in the 80s all the time….that would rock.  Even more than 80s music rocks.  Well, it doesn’t really rock.  It more like synths. Whatever, you know what I mean.

Off to alerting.

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