I alerted the UPS guy…..no biggie.

Well actually it was pretty big. It was a powerful alert.  One that could not be ignored.

The UPS dude showed up to deliver some big boxes to the mom and the dad. I think it was more wine. The UPS guy was joking with the mom that there had to be a big party going on. Oh. Please no I thought. Not another party. But then I got distracted by a smell. The smell of the girl’s BG going high.

Well. The closest person to me at the time was the UPS dude. And he was paying attention. I pawed and he thought I was shaking hands. Like some common dog. As if. The mom explained that that is my alert for the girl bg going high or low.

The UPS dude’s eyes got huge. He asked how I could do that. The mom explained it was by smell. His mind was BLOWN. Like totally blown.  I could tell he was impressed . And he should be.

Sure enough when the girl checked she was 201. Just out of range.

I like blowing people’s minds.  I bet that UPS dude will never forget me.

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