Service dog rules for the public: No touch. No talk. No eye contact.

There are a lot of specific rules when it comes to the general public interacting with service dogs.  But I can break it down into three simple rules:

No touching the dog.

No talking to the dog.

No eye contact with the dog.

So why are these rules in place?  To make sure I, and my fellow service dogs, don’t get distracted from my(our) job(s).  I mean, let’s say you’re working  on your computer, concentrating on something.  Something really important.  Like, say….I dunno….saving someone’s life.  Do you want to be touched?  Talked to?  Stared at?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Well, we don’t want to be treated that way either.   It just makes our job harder.  And seriously folks, this job is hard enough.

So while I know you can’t ignore me because I’m so darn good looking..…..just keep those rules in mind.  Go ahead and talk to my handlers.  The mom and the dad would be more than happy to share our story with you.


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