The outlet mall on a Sunday afternoon….a haiku.

Since we live in the middle of nowhere. And the mom says she’s tired of shopping at just Target for everything. We all went to an outlet mall on a Sunday. Big mall. Big mistake. It was a zoo. A zoo full of untrained humans who don’t know how to treat a service animal. The mom had to stop people from petting me almost the whole time we were there. I personally think they are used to faker service dogs who’s owners let them get petted and all. Some of the people actually looked annoyed when the mom politely asked them not to pet me. Anyways…..

I’m cute yes, but please…..
Don’t touch me, I’m working hard.
Distractions are bad.

Outlet mall mayhem:
When random people pet me,
The mom regulates.

So yeah, don’t just randomly pet a service animal folks.  First of all, just because it has a vest, it could be a fake…and they could bite.  And second of all, if they are legit, they are working.  I mean, you wouldn’t want to just be touched by random people in the public, right?  If you answered anything other than “you would mind”, I think I’m scared.

PS: the greeter at the Neiman Marcus Last Call outlet commented to the mom as we left that he could tell I was a REAL service dog.  He said he watched us throughout the store and saw how I just disappeared.  This is the best compliment……

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