What does this diabetic alert dog and raw carrots have in common?

Well, this diabetic alert dog eats carrots now…..and not because I want to.

So I am on a diet. The mom took me to the vet for an ear issue and low and behold I have put on some pounds. It’s not my fault. The girl goes high and low and I alert to those highs and lows and sometimes those alerts are so good I get cheese. So not my fault. But now I am on a diet. Slightly less food. And some carrots.  Ugh.

The mom and the dad need to do the same thing.  I wonder how they would feel if I took some of their food away and put carrots in their place?  They would not be happy.  Well, they eat carrots all the time.  So maybe they wouldn’t mind.  So maybe I could replace their food with dog food!

Anyways, I know why I have to watch it….I want to be able to work as long as possible and being healthy is a big part of that.

So yeah, if anyone wants to bring me my steak now….I’ll do anything.  Please.

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