Rapping Darwin.

Alerting high. Alerting low.
Whatever you do don’t mess up my flow.
I work so hard I deserve a blue bow.
Recognize! I’m a diabetic alert dog, yo!

I know I know, it just doesn’t feel right to have me rapping.  I’m too sophisticated for that.  But the mom listens to so much rap music I think it’s wearing off on me.  Whatever.  For like a second.  I figure if that M&M guy can do it, so can this diabetic alert dog.  Plus I have better content to rap about than that guy.  Or the other rappers.   I could do an whole album really.

Yeah, I can see it now……

Darwin the DAD  feat. Kanye West,  BG Alerter.
Darwin the DAD, feat. Jay Z,  Got 99 Problems But a BG Ain’t One.
Darwin the DAD feat. Drake.   (Ha….like I would sing with him!)
Darwin the DAD feat. Busta Rhymes, Pass the Cheerios.
Darwin the DAD feat. Kendrick Lamar, Kid Don’t Distract My Work.
Darwin the DAD feat. Eazy-E,  Dogz in the Hood.  (Yes, he would come back to life to sing with me)
Darwin the DAD feat. LL Cool J, Mama Said Alert That Low BG.
Darwin the DAD feat. Nate Dogg,  No DAD Does it Better.
Darwin the DAD feat. Tupac, All Pawz on Me.  (I’ll sing with his hologram)
Darwin the DAD feat. Sir Mix a Lot, Baby Got a Bad BG.
Darwin the DAD feat. Ice Cube.  Wait, is he even a rapper anymore….
Darwin the DAD feat.  Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Look Into My Eyes, and Feel That Paw.
Darwin the DAD feat. Digital Underground, The Darwin Paw.
Darwin the DAD feat. DJ Quik, Alerting…So Many Wayz.

Anyways, you get the point.  I could make it as a rapper. I just need the mom to bling out my collar.  (on second thought, no)

However, maybe if I was a rapper then more people would learn about the important work I do?  It seems those rappers have a lot of followers…..without even having any substance!  I have substance!  I gotta play their game…..


2 thoughts on “Rapping Darwin.

  1. Darwin, you are much too sophisticated and intelligent to be a rapper! When there is a cure for T1D I can see the girl allowing you to be a medical guest on CNN like Sanjay Gupta M.D. and educating the public on diabetes. The ratings would go off of the charts!

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