Cuddling while working….not the best idea.

Sometimes I get caught up in being a “normal” dog.  Aka, basic.  Aka, boring.  Aka, kinda fun.   I mean, look at this.  The girl is so snuggly.  I’m so snuggly.  We are like super snuggly together.  Sometimes in the middle of all of this fun normal stuff, I forget that I’m still a super awesome diabetic alert dog.  And sometimes I miss an alert.  And that is not good.



I finally snapped back into reality and smelled that the girl was going low.  So I went and found the mom and pawed (alerted) to let her know the girl was low.  Usually I would have caught this before it got to this level…..but I was snuggling,  I was having a good time.  And I guess you could say I still helped.  Kinda.  Yes I did help!  The mom and the dad wouldn’t have known until she was way lower than even this.   But I’ll still do better next time.  20140628-210538-75938027.jpg

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