Boardrooms should be called boredrooms.

The girl and I had to go to some meeting with the mom the other day.  All the way in Los Angeles.  So not only did we have 4 hours in the car before the meeting, and after the meeting, we also had to sit there and wait for her while she talked to all these people about boring stuff.  Blah blah blah strategic this….blah blah blah mission statement that….    20140715-150343-54223724.jpg I have to admit, I was a little happy to alert in this situation because it gave me something to do.  Not that I like it when the girl is on the way to a high or a low.  But at least it was something of substance…not like all that talk the mom and those other people were going on and on and on and on about.

20140713-212152-76912105.jpgSeriously.  The mom wanted us to just sit there and wait.  But we did it.  And you know what……as one of the people was leaving the TWO HOUR LONG meeting, they were startled because they hadn’t realized I was there.  How cool is that?!?!?!  Whatever.  It’s expected.  I’m that good.  And actually the girl was that good too.

But anyways.  Next time I hope the mom leaves us at home.   She can put up with the boredroom better than a dog and a 5 year old can.  At least most of the time……




3 thoughts on “Boardrooms should be called boredrooms.

  1. Darwin, you are amazing. The Mom does not take me anywhere! The Grandma takes me to the vet, but not anywhere else. She says I act and smell like a ranch dog. Those people in the meeting would have known I was there.
    Thanks for looking out for the Girl!
    Love, Abby

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