Willy Wonka What?

So the mom thought it was a great idea to take the girl to see the play Willy Wonka.  Now, I am up on pop culture enough to know that this whole thing is about candy.  Which I knew they would be selling a lot of candy at the play.  Which I knew I would need to be on my game.  Or at least I thought that’s what the issue would be.  WRONG!  The girl didn’t even want any candy.  She just wanted to see the play!  Good for her.  She’s getting to be smart like me.

But that didn’t mean we didn’t have any BG issues.  The girl was dropping too fast after lunch, so once we got seated in the auditorium I pawed the mom.  Who asked the girl to check.  Who then conned the dad into checking for her.    I don’t care.  As long as she checks, doesn’t matter who does it.  Right?  20140801-221854-80334625.jpg

Anyways, so yeah, she was dropping too fast.  So the mom set a temporary basal rate on her to keep her from going lower.  What’s a temp basal you ask?  Well, it has to do with basal insulin…the insulin that the girl is constantly getting throughout the day.  The mom reduced that for a couple hours, so the girl would get less insulin, so her BG wouldn’t drop any more.  Cool, right?  Lots of work to constantly change it!  But yeah, we work well together.  Crisis averted. 20140801-221854-80334168.jpg

The play was pretty awesome.  The girl’s BG was even more awesome.  I slept through the ENTIRE show.  So it really was awesome.  Until the girl decided I would make a good foot rest.  AS IF!   Really, I don’t mind.  It’s kind of like a massage.  Yeah, a massage.    Whatever.  I cope.20140801-221855-80335097.jpg

All was good until we were on the road home.   I could smell the temp basal wasn’t working anymore.  So I pawed.  The girl was not happy I was pawing.  She kept saying “but I feel fine Darwin!”   She doesn’t understand that I know her better than she knows herself!  Trust the dog already!!!   Sure enough……she was low.    The girl got a juice box.  I got cheerios.  All was good…..and she even said sorry to me!  20140801-221855-80335639.jpgSo I hear rumblings of another play soon.  No worries.  I can handle anything.

2 thoughts on “Willy Wonka What?

  1. Another day of hard work and adventures for you, my friend. I heard the Grandma say that you and Laura were awesome all day.
    Your ranch dog friend,

  2. Darwin,with your skills, charm, and kindness…and the adorable girl you could both star in a Broadway play, Move over Annie… there are two future stars on the horizon!!

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