International Assistance Dog Week

So this week is my week.  Well, mine and all my fellow assistance dog’s week.   Finally, we get some recognition.  And why should we get recognition?  Because we work hard to protect, care for, and serve our humans.  And that’s worth some kudos.  And steak.  Right?

And how cool is this….the “big city” near where I live with my forever family even proclaimed the importance of this week.  Now, that’s awesome!  Fresno proclamation!  Thanks Fresno! (has anyone ever uttered those words before????)

I think on this day though, I would like to say thank you to the folks who made me an assistance dog.  My puppy raisers, Guide Dogs for the Blind, and Early Alert Canines.  I would just be a NORMAL dog without them.  Well, we know that isn’t true, I still would have been awesome, but I’m like super human awesome thanks to them!  So thanks!   Here’s a link to my poetic thoughts about these folks….WHO I AM!

Anyways,  I gotta get back to work now.  Even if it is MY week, work comes always first.

And a haiku…just because….

Assistance dog week.
A time to give love and thanks
For four legged friends.

2 thoughts on “International Assistance Dog Week

  1. Darwin, congratulations on Assistance Dog Week! I am very glad you are part of the family, even if you have to stay in the Girl’s house and not hang out with us ranch dogs. We love the Girl, too, and we know you keep her healthy.
    We think it’s good that you aren’t too uppity with us, and we know that you would play with us more if you didn’t have to be whisked off to work.
    Sniffs to you,

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