Happy birthday to me….happy birthday to me….

….Happy birthday dear Darwin….now where is the steak for me?

So today, August 18th, 2014 is my 3rd birthday. (somewhere, someone just applauded for me.  Thank you.)  And I think it’s going to be a pretty good birthday.  Well maybe.  The mom told the dad that she was going to take  treats to the girl’s kindergarten class for my birthday.  (ack!  18 kindergarteners….and a service dog!  ack!)  I heard mention of string cheese instead of the usual cupcakes.  Now, I won’t turn string cheese down….but let’s get me a steak already people.  3 years old in dog years is like turning 21.  I think humans binge on this stuff called alcohol at that age.  Alcohol is something adults seem to LOVE.  Steak is my alcohol.  And I’m of age….so bring it on!  See, I’m logical.

I’ll let you folks know if the mom and the dad come through for me on the steak deal.  I have faith.  Faith that I might get a small piece of steak…if I practice alerting, sitting, staying, heeling, etc.    But that’s not really a birthday present appropriate for a dog who alerts of a five year old’s high and low blood sugars.  It’s not appropriate for a dog who loves the girl with all his heart.  It’s not appropriate to make me work for my birthday present!!!!   Right?

Ugh…off to alert a high blood glucose already.  Apparently type one diabetes didn’t get the memo it was my birthday.  And I’m still on duty.  This stuff never lets up.

In any case, cross your fingers, toes, and paws….and think good thoughts of steak.

7 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me….happy birthday to me….

  1. Happy birthday, Darwin!!! I have to hold myself back from wanting to hug the computer screen everytime I see how smart and awesome you are.You deserve the best steak Kansas City has to offer!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday. My mom’s birthday was the same day. She’s in heaven, but I know she was wishing you a perfect birthday too, with a perfect steak. Hope you got it.

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