This birthday rocked!

First. The girl put carrot candles in my breakfast.

Then the mom and the girl took me to kindergarten with them. And they brought all the kids a treat on my behalf: cheese! The class even sang to me. And I got some cheese. I did have to work for it. But it’s still ok.

Then, the dad and the girl and the mom made me a special cake. Mashed potato “cake”, with tri tip strip “frosting” and carrot candles!

IMG_1324.JPG I’ll post the video of them singing to me on my Facebook page soon.

All in all it was a great birthday. Thanks to all who wished me well, and wished for the steak! Whatever. I consider this a win. And someday I will get a real steak. A porterhouse.

3 thoughts on “This birthday rocked!

  1. Happy birthday to the best three year old in the world! Darwin, I wish all of us humans were more like you!!! May you have many more years of good health and alerts.

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