Good Night Type One Diabetic….


Goodnight medic.
Goodnight type one diabetic.
Goodnight to the girl who’s a type one diabetic.

Goodnight insulin pump.
And the pink CGM.
Goodnight test strips

Goodnight pharmacy trips.
Goodnight a1cs.
Goodnight to the “I’m high pees”.
Goodnight humalog.
Goodnight low induced fog.
Goodnight glucose tabs
And goodnight multiple labs.
Goodnight broken pancreas.
And goodnight infusion site that’s loose.
Goodnight skin tac.
Goodnight good BG ruse.
And goodnight to the mom.
Whispering “you need to drink the juice.”
Goodnight ketones.
Goodnight constant care.
Goodnight type one diabetes everywhere.

Who am I kidding. Type one diabetes doesn’t go to bed. Or take a break.  Ever.  But we can dream.  And hope.  For a cure.  And in the meantime, I’ll keep alerting.

2 thoughts on “Good Night Type One Diabetic….

  1. Darwin, you are amazing.
    I wish we Ranch dogs could help you out, but we don’t have your skills. We’ll help out by keeping unwanted critters out of the grove. That will help the Mom and Dad, and that in turn helps the Girl.
    Love, Abby

  2. Darwin, as I have said before …. if we can put a man on the moon then surely there must be a cure for diabetes in the future. Come on big pharma and help the little girl, my mother, and my sister. PLEASE FIND A CURE SOON !!!!

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