Two diabetics, one diabetic alert dog. I got this!

So the girl and the mom and the dad and the grandma went to diabetes family camp last year with DYF.  And they met this awesome Chicago girl and her Chicago mom.  And my girl, and this Chicago girl really hit it off.  They were like sisters at camp….and apparently, they still feel the same way.

The Chicago girl didn’t go to family camp this year, but teen camp.  Which is pretty awesome for her.  But what was more awesome is that the Chicago mom flew to the bay area to pick the Chicago girl up…and they drove to visit the girl and the mom and the dad!  But really, I think it’s because they wanted to meet me.  Because I’m so awesome.  Plus I think the Chicago girl loves dogs….and kinda wants a diabetic alert dog.

But anyways.  You might ask the question, how do I deal with two type one diabetics in the house?  Well, it’s a bit exhausting, but rewarding.  The Chicago mom was surprised that I figured out pretty quickly that I needed to alert her when her daughter was low or high.  Well duh!  Right?  20140801-220757-79677517.jpgThe best part about having the Chicago girl around was that she kept the girl occupied.  I didn’t have to play dress up.  I didn’t have to sit an play dolls.  I could just be admired for my work.  Ahhhhh….

20140801-220756-79676567.jpgSo come back soon Chicago girl and Chicago mom!  You’re always welcome here…..even if I DO have to work a little harder on alerting…’s worth it.

2 thoughts on “Two diabetics, one diabetic alert dog. I got this!

  1. Darwin, you are such a smart and handsome multi tasker ! Is there anything you cannot do? I expect to read very soon that you are in the kitchen whipping up diabetic gourmet meals and dusting the furniture with your beautiful black tail.

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