A little light reading for me while the girl is at school.

So the girl goes to Kindergarten.  And when the mom has time to volunteer in the class I go with her.  Which can be fun, and exhausting.  On the days the mom has meetings or something, I get to stay home.  In my kennel.  And before you think that’s WRONG….let me tell you I love my kennel.  It’s cozy.  It’s comfy.  And it’s my space.  Well, most of the time.


But anyways, each morning the girl has me go to my kennel, she gives me a hug and a kiss, and then the girl and the mom go on their merry way.  I guess kindergarten has been getting to her…and all the reading they are doing…..because the girl started leaving me magazines to read.  At first I was amused.  Well, I still am amused actually.  The girl is sweet.  She thinks I want some entertainment.  And she thinks I can read.  That’s what the mom and the dad are for.  I’ve got other more useful skills.  IMG_1400.JPGBack to my reading…….I mean sleeping…….

2 thoughts on “A little light reading for me while the girl is at school.

  1. Ah, Darwin, Laura wants you to feel at home with all of the other magazine readers in the family. Sweet. Love, your friend Abby PS: it’s good she doesn’t leave magazine for those new ranch dogs. They would just chew on them.

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