Bowling. Really?

This sport is seriously ridiculous.  Wait, did I just call it a sport?  It’s throwing large plastic balls down a long lane to knock things down.  And people make fun of me for chewing on a kong?  Really?  IMG_1150.JPG

Thank god they didn’t have any bowling shoes for me.  Can you tell I’m so not amused?  IMG_1156.JPG

They even listed me on the official roster.  I was on the kids team.  Let’s just say, if they had shoes that fit my paws….and I had fingers and thumbs…..I would have won.  IMG_1153.JPG

But instead, I have more important things to do.  Like alerting the dad that the girl was running too high.  Which I did, and I got my cheerios.  The girl got some insulin.


And then the girl could enjoy the rest of her time bowling.  As if anyone could enjoy bowling….IMG_1162.JPG

Me, I’m over it….can we go already? IMG_1165.JPG

3 thoughts on “Bowling. Really?

  1. Darwin, you mean didn’t try to chase the ball down the lane? I would have at least tried, but the Family has never taken me bowling. That reminds me that I must let the Grandma know that she’s falling behind on the tennis ball games. Yes, she used to throw tennis balls for me. That’s why you could find about 12 dozen old moldy tennis balls among the little boulders and native plants (weeds) on the east side of the ranch house. Those balls are in the weeds because Grandma and I don’t like going after stray balls for fear of rattlesnakes. Grandpa says he has paid for toooo many tennis balls.
    I think you will be going bowling again.
    your buddy, Abby

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