My Humble Opinion on “Giving Tuesday”

What a great perspective from a fellow diabetic alert dog. Cool. EAC can do a lot with your donation.


This being “Giving Tuesday,” I feel the need to express my humble opinion. These are my feelings stated in my words:

At this time of year we are all asked to donate to many different non-profit organizations or charities like the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, JDRF, the ADA, Guide Dogs, the local food bank, etc.  Many of these we are extremely passionate about – my favorite being, EAC.

Before donating, I ask you to please consider the impact your donation has on a small organization versus a large, well-established one. For example, a $2000 donation to EAC covers approximately 1% of our entire working budget (and provides 10% of the cost of a dog), where the same donation to one of the larger organizations is an unnoticeable fraction of a percent of operating or research costs.

In addition, many smaller non-profits rely more upon individual donors than the larger organizations…

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