Pilgram Darwin….and sorry for the blog hiatus.

I’ve been busy.  I know, we all have been.  These holidays are just coming at us right and left.  And that means I’m on duty even more.  And that means that the girl’s BG is all over the place.  And that means life is hectic.  Even for this chilled out diabetic alert dog.


Anyways, sorry I’ve been MIA from the blog.  Real life has been busy.  I hope to catch up soon….and share all the dirt.  (Or mud…we’ve had rain which the mom and the dad are super happy with….me not so much)


Here I am at the girl’s Thanksgiving class party.  Can you tell I’m amused that the girl was dressed as a Pilgram?  Yeah, not so much.  She was high….so I pawed the girl.  Then I pawed the mom.  Then I pawed the teacher.  IMG_2153.JPG


Then the girl checked.  And she was high, and she got a correction.  So yeah.  Call me Pilgram Darwin. Wait…didn’t the pilgrims get to eat Turkey?  It’s no steak but I’ll take it!



So I hope to get back to this blogging stuff in a bit.  In the mean time, hope your pre Christmas week is going smoothly…….and for those diabetics out there who read this blog…fill your reservoir to the top!  It’s gonna be a week filled with lots of insulin.




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