Shoe shopping lows…..



REI. A store not really up my ally. It’s way too “real”. And sporty. And outdoorsy. But the mom and the dad and sometimes the girl like all that stuff. And they need gear. And today they needed hiking boots for the girl. So I went along as usual. And good thing.

The girl was so active climbing around and testing out shoes that she ended up dropping too fast. So I threw a paw to the dad. And by the time the girl slowed down enough to get her glucose taken sure enough she had crashed.

This is not the look of a good blood glucose!

But no worries. She had several glucose tabs and a temporary basal rate….. And I got cheerios. As usual. You’d think I would get some trail mix or something right? Don’t hikers need more energy than cheerios provide? Yeah that’s what I thought.

One thought on “Shoe shopping lows…..

  1. Ah, thank you, Darwin. I’m glad you go shopping with the Girl. I know you say that REI is outdoorsy and real, but I’m sure it’s not real enough to want a real ranch dog, a Queensland Heeler, in their stores. I think those real urban store employees haven’t seen a dog like me. Soooo, I’m glad you are classy enough to fit in with REI’s real woodsy vibe.
    With woofs and sniffs,

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