I still work when wet.  

See. Yet another reason I’m better than a CGM!  Just kidding…. not really. The CGMs are great but sometimes I’m better. Like when we are out on a Saturday morning and the mom is giving me a bath and the girl is riding her bike. And the CGM isn’t reading all the time! But I am paying attention. Even when I am wet. And miserable. From a bath. Boo. 

But I have a job to do. And wet or not. Or miserable or not. I gotta let the mom know the girl was dropping too much after breakfast.  And sure enough I caught it at 98 and the mom was able to set a temp basal.  Low averted. 

Now let’s get on with out Saturday.  I hope it involves good blood glucoses so I can nap. 

PS: I am offended that the girl thinks a CAT helmet will protect her. It really should be a black lab. Just sayin…..

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